Make Your Reservation, Call Ahead & Reduce Your Wait!

Call 610-685-5299 to minimize your wait-time. Simply call us and request to be added to our current wait-list, then show up and check-in within 15 minutes of your quoted wait-time.

Walk-Ins Always Welcome with 407 available seats, ViVÁ always saves 50% of them for our valued walk-in and call-ahead guests.

Banquets, Parties & Receptions

Contact Carole to book all Green Valley Country Club and ViVÁ Bistro & Lounge and ViVÁ Catering Special Events, Banquets and Parties for 25-400 guests @ 610.685.3900 x400 or email Carole. Off-Site Catering is available by ViVÁ  Catering for up to 500 guests.

Reservations for Any Size Party

Call 610.685.5299 to make a reservation for any size party. ViVÁ saves 50% of its 407 seats for reservations, but may have restrictions on parties of 11 or more for Friday and Saturday dinners.