Q.  What is the Foodie Club?

A.  The Foodie Club is ViVÁ’s new dining rewards program beginning October 3, 2016. It will take the place of the ViVÁ Good Life Club. You will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend at ViVÁ on food and beverages (alcohol included).


Q.  If I am a ViVÁ Good Life Club Member, must I sign up for the new Foodie Club?

A.  No, all ViVÁ Good Life Club Members will automatically become Foodie Club Members effective 10/3/16.


Q.   After October 3, 2016 can I still use my ViVÁ Good Life Club Card to earn rewards points or will I receive a new Foodie Club Card?

A.    Yes, you may continue to use your ViVÁ Good Life Club Card to earn Foodie Rewards Points, and all previously earned points will automatically be transferred into your Foodie Club account. You will NOT receive new a Foodie Club Card unless you request one from a manager.


Q. How can I join the Foodie Club?

A. If you are already a member of the ViVÁ Good Life Club, you are automatically a member of the Foodie Club. If you are not currently a member of the ViVÁ Good Life Club and would like to join the Foodie Club, simply fill out a Foodie Club Application Form and hand it in to your server. You will then be given a Foodie Club Card to immediately begin using to earn Foodie Rewards.


Q. Will I continue to receive my ViVÁ Good Life Benefits after October 3, 2016?

A. No, the ViVÁ Good Life Club (along with its benefits) will no longer be active after October 3, 2016. As of that date you will begin earning Foodie Rewards and Foodie Club Benefits with your Foodie Club Card.


Q. What will happen to my unredeemed earned points from the Good Life Club as of October 3, 2016?

A. All Good Life Club points earned and unredeemed as of October 3, 2016 will be converted into Foodie Rewards Points, with $10 Foodie Rewards Certificates automatically issued to you the first time you use your card at either our ViVÁ Bistro & Lounge or ViVÁ Castle Pub and have accumulated 100 or more unredeemed points. Foodie Rewards will be issued at the rate of one $10 Foodie Rewards Certificate for every 100 earned and unredeemed ViVÁ Good Life Club and/or Foodie Club points. Foodie Rewards Certificates can be used like cash at either of our restaurants within 90 days of their dates of issue.


Q. How do I earn Foodie Rewards Points?

A. Once you are a member, you will automatically earn one point for each dollar spent on food and beverages (alcohol included) at our ViVÁ Bistro & Lounge or ViVÁ Castle Pub when you present your card (Good Life Club or Foodie Club) to your server or give us your phone number when you pay your check. For every $100 spent, you will earn a $10 Foodie Rewards Certificate that is valid for 90 days and can be used like cash at our ViVÁ Bistro & Lounge or ViVÁ Castle Pub.


Q. Will I keep all of my earned Foodie Rewards Points at the end of each calendar year?

A. Yes, a $10 Foodie Rewards Certificate will be automatically issued each time you earn 100 unredeemed points without regard as to how long it took you to accumulate 100 points. You will keep all of your earned Foodie Rewards Points at the end of each calendar year (unlike the previous ViVÁ Good Life Club Points that were reset to zero at the end of each calendar year).


Q. How can I check my Foodie Rewards points balance?

A. Your point balance will automatically print on the bottom of your receipt. Or, simply ask your server and he/she can easily provide your point balance when you supply your phone number (for account look-up purposes only).


Q. How can I redeem my Foodie Rewards Certificate(s)?

A. Simply bring your $10 Foodie Rewards Certificate(s) to either our ViVÁ Bistro & Lounge or ViVÁ Castle Pub and present it when paying your check. The total value of your Foodie Rewards Certificate(s) will be deducted from your check just like a cash payment.


Q. Can I use multiple Foodie Rewards Certificates at one time?

A. Yes, you may use as many Foodie Rewards Certificates as you have earned at one time. Keep in mind that all Foodie Rewards Certificates must be redeemed within 90 days of their dates of issue.


Q. How can I receive my other Foodie Club Benefits (like the free Birthday Colossal Drink or free Happy Hour Cocktail Food Buffet for 10 or More Guests)?

A. Simply present your Foodie Club Card (or Good Life Card) to your server or tell him/her your phone number and say that you would like to take advantage of your other Foodie Club benefits. Please review all of your Foodie Club Benefits at for details.


Q. Will I need to provide my e-mail address in order to receive the Foodie Club Monthly E-Newsletters and special ViVÁ announcements and offers? 

A. Yes, you will need to provide us with your email address in order to receive exclusive offers and benefits of the Foodie Club, including the passcodes for the Monthly Foodie Club Secret Menus. Rest assured, we will never share your email address with any other company. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details If you haven’t already provided us with your email address, please provide it to your server on a Foodie Club Application Form.


Q. Can businesses participate in the Foodie Club?

A. Yes, but the Foodie Club Benefits are the same for businesses as they are for individuals.